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Someothing about the picture.
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Street Photography2

Someothing about the picture.
Price in INR : 2999/-

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Longnosepictures Photographer
I’m a freelance writer for TV and film. I used to write for print and I used to enjoy working with words. I still do, but I suspect thinking and writing for the visual medium has turned my mind and, as a result, I have now become more `visual’. And that’s how photography happened to me. Too bad for you guys….Over a billion images get uploaded everyday, I’ve read, and now, with me around, there will be more….It’s a challenging environment for the photographer too because all you need to become a photographer (or writer) these days is one eyeball and a couple of fingers….I have two and ten, and I hope to be able to arrest your wandering eyeballs.

I prefer the Fine Art and Abstract genres, and, often, I tweak them to look like paintings. But I also enjoy Street photography and it’s difficult to resist shooting when one is traveling.

I use a Sony A-6000 (it’s a mirror-less which makes it light and easy to carry) with 16-55mm, 55-135mm, and 50mm lenses, and also a Canon-550D with the standard kit lenses and a 35mm Lensbaby.

I seek inspiration from many photographers. In fact, there are too many to name but I can’t resist naming one—Saul Leiter, my absolute favourite. He passed away recently.

There are hardly any venues in Mumbai for Photography. I plan to have an `Exhibitions’ section on my site which will be available to photographers, preferably those working in the Fine Art and Abstract genres. No fees, no commissions. I don’t know if it will make a big difference to them, but it’s the least one can do. If you know of any, please point them this way.

…And, yes, `longnose’ is a reference to Pinnochio whose nose grew when he lied. Photographs conceal as much as they reveal….they lie, and so longnose…

Hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoy making them…

–Mahesh Ramchandani

Beauty is truth, truth beauty….- John Keats

Beauty is a lie….- Frank Zappa


If you have advice, ideas, suggestions, comments, bouquets, brickbats, or that big question `What does that one cost?’, please write in the box below and I’ll get back to you.

 (Note: 30 per cent of the purchase price will go to an NGO working with children/underprivileged. More about this in response to queries.)


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